Historical Recipe Reconstruction — Recipes

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  1. To make fine Bysket bread.” From Thomas Dawson, The good husvvifes ievvell VVherein is to be found most excellent and rare deuises for conceits in cookerie … (London, 1587).
  2. To make a Tart of Hippes.” Ibid.
  3. Chocolate.” From Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma, Chocolate, or An Indian drink … (1652).
  4. To make a Potatoe Pie.” From Joseph Cooper, The Art of Cookery Refin’d … (London, 1654).
  5. To make an Excellent Cake.” From MS 7745, “English Recipe Book,” late 17th c., Wellcome Library.
  6. To make [G]umballs [?].” Ibid.
  7. “Excellent Mustard,” BNF Ms. Fr. 640

* Images were used from the Wellcome Library, London, via a Creative Commons license, and from Early English Books Online, by fair use for educational purposes.